Na'Sharra Oussrae Ravanni

Atribute Rank Point Cost
Strength Human -25
Endurance 5 32
Psyche 5 32
Warfare Chaos -10
Power Point Cost
Advanced Pattern 75
Sorcery 15
Conjuration 20
Inner Strength 14
Goddess of Concealment and Revilation 14
Allie Point Cost
Amber Devotee 6


Spider-silk Gown
Quality Point Cost
Armor – Invulnerable 4
Psychic Defense Transferd 6
Power Point Cost
Shape Shifting – Limited Shape Shift 4
Total: 14
Mythril Staff
Power Point Cost
Shape Shifting – Alternate Form (mythril bracelet) 1
Deadly Damage 4
Magic Power Point Cost
Rack & Use Spells 4
Total: 9
Drathira’s Silver Key
Power Point Cost
Can gate any door to any other door known to the weilder or to Drathira’s Moon palace 4

Total: 200



Founder of the Oussrae Drow, and the eldest of The Celestial Sisters

Na'Sharra Oussrae Ravanni

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