Gemini Thex


Amber Ranks: Psyche= A Strength= chaos Endurance=chaos Warfare=A

Because of the magical design of her grandmother Sherilyne Gemini has the following power inherent in her.

Invulnrability = 14 pts Regeneration= 14 pts extrodinary psychic sense= 14 pts Speaks with tounges= 14 pts

Gemini has also traversed the pattern, She did so before her grandmother reduced her End stat. Gemini can not walk the pattern again. Pattern= 50 pts

Grandmother’s Pattern infused choker ( Construct) A black lace choker with a red gem in the center. Based on a primal realm, has it’s own psyche ( Sherilyne’s Psyche that is) And a flux pin connection. The choker itself is resistant to damage. Total= 10 points

Drathira’s Silver key= 4 pts Opens any door, Can gate to any door known by weilder And to Drathira’s Moon palace


Child of La’Sharra Thex and her Husband Ja’Amie, son of Queen Sherilyn of the Star Sisters.

Her aunt is Na’Sharra Oussrae Ravanni, and she has a cousin, Na’Thira.

Gemini Thex

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