Desdemona aka Dessy


Psyche 4 /Str A /End 2 /War 4

Goddess of Death/Decay

Limited shape shifting - Can make things decay and rot - limited reversing of her power - has a death touch power which can instantly kill mortal beings

Has a three headed dog named


puppy only the size of a mastiff

- Teleportation (limited- Hades to Dessy)

-Self Healing

-Invulnerable to all conventional weapons

-Deadly Damage

-Danger Sense


Daughter of Hades and Persephone

Desdemona grew up in the underworld. She takes after her mother in looks but takes after her father in personality and likes. Dessy is best friends with Lilah. She is into punk/goth style music and loves to go to clubs with Lilah. She is a little quiet and reserved at first but once she gets to know people in social situations she is easy going and relaxes. Her favorite food are apples. She is into the goth style clothes and such but she is far from what people call Emo. She is not a fan of bright colorful flashy clothes.

Desdemona aka Dessy

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