Lilah Morningstar

A beautiful and alluring specimen of femininity, dark and dangerous, wounded and lonely.


She can shapeshift into most human forms but when fighting or angry she usually falls into her natural form which is tall with pale white skin, red hair, blue eyes, & large wings. Her ears are slightly pointy, small fangs grace her mouth, and small horns adorn her forehead.

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She is the Goddess of Passion and Despair, she is also a supernatural Arbitor, parades around most of the time in the mortal realm as a Lawyer. She is the only child of her parents and she is a rebellious child. Who likes to help misguided folks get out of poorly made contracts with her Dad and his compatriots, she refuses to marry the Demon Duke who she is promised to. And she really wants to get back at her Dad by finding a really sweet nice guy, but since those don’t truly exist <at>, she will have to settle for just hurting his “business”.

Lilah Morningstar

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