Norse goddess of the unhonored dead, Keeper of cowards and the forsaken.


Technically, she’s not evil… Technically. After all, it’s her job to torment the unworthy… It’s just that she really into her job… So much so that even elder demonic creatures that could swat her like a fly find her unnerving… There’s just something about her that transcends creepy…


Goddess of the dead rejected by Valhalla. If you don’t qualify for Valhalla, you end up with her. She is NOT a nice lady. You do NOT want to be a guest in her realm. So be valiant. Or else…

Hel’s realm is a transdimensional prison that is hard to leave even if you’re just a temporary guest. (She HATES that word: ‘temporary.’) She LOVES visitors of any kind (for some reason, no one seems to want to come down to visit her…), and hates to see them leave, so, generally, she just doesn’t let them leave. Only visitors of great power, or who have someone of great power interested in their return, will be able to leave once in Hel’s clutches.


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