Atlantis Hawaii

Ta’aroa is the great Tree. He(?) is the creator god and creatures and peoples grow in his branches. He holds great wisdom and came from the stars.

Amnis is the eldest of the old atlantian gods. And is the mother of many of them. She is the goddess of rivers , streams , and lakes & marshes. She is married to Vili-Pelor of the norse Pantheon, The god of the Sun.

Tangaroa Ru is the god of the sea and the storms over the water.

Hina-Kulua is the goddess of rain and the wife of Tangaroa Ru

Pele is the goddess of Volcanos.

Negendi-Tan’e is the god of forests and the earth. and is Pele’s husband.

Te-Koro is the god of darkness.

Pashka is the goddess of campfires and night and the wife of Te-Koro

Kuros is the god of the sky and wind and the son of Amnis

Shion is the goddess of the moon and the member of the council of pantheons and the wife of Kuros

Versak is the god of memory and justice

Heshon is the goddess of the wild forest and animals

Atlantis Hawaii

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