rules system

The rules have been altered a little. Stats are counted from amber rank not to it. IE. “First” rank is the next rank after base Amber rank. “Second” Rank is the rank above that, etc.

Also, In place of a Stat Auction. The ranks are Point bought. 2 points for the first rank, 5 additional points for rank two, 5 more points for rank 3. Then 10 points a rank till rank 6, then 20 pts a rank till rank 9, And 40 points a rank beyond that.

Also The stat Warfare will have very little to do with combat ability and MUCH more to do with strategy and Tactics and the leadership quality of leading forces in battle. I will rely much more on Strength and it’s variants to determine combat. With warfare only dealing with the number of actions a character can take in one turn.

I.E., Character A. has a 4 Str. and a 1 War. , Character B. has a 1 Str. and a 4 War. If A attacks B his Str. will let him hit and do damage. If B attacks A he may not hit but he can DO a lot of stuff besides just swinging a sword. If it was a closer battle B’s Warfare would let him cut A to ribbons even if A had a slight advantage.

My rule of thumb in combat situations is plus 5 ranks in Warfare/Str. is an immidiate kill (unless vs. a PC)

rules system

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