The Order of the Silver Key

This is a campaign of modern gods, The Players will be children of a related group of pantheons recovering the spiritual realms after a Ragnarok-like apocalypse of all the Deities and spiritual beings on earth.

The Players will have a choice of different Aspects of the group of pantheons that should provide the “flavor” for their character’s background. Then They will pick what Purview their character will take responsibility for on Earth and the related spiritual realms.

Most of the Players will be related to various aspects of a moon goddess who provides the connection point of the various pantheons. This “Council of the Moon” will be the arbiter of disagreements in the pantheon and the group the the players will report to for their characters duties.

Opposed to the Council of the Moon are the Machine Demons, Beings grown bold by the humans reliance on technology yet hailing from the darkest reaches of time. Also the Maelstrom Empire, an inter-dimensional space empire now dedicated to the subjugation of the spiritual realms with earth as a battle field. And finally the malefic influence of those beings of evil trapped by the gods during and before Ragnarok.

“If someone asks if you’re a god, Say YES.”

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