Lenneth Hodschild

A young Valhallan goddess serving as a Valkirie under Mana



  • PSYCHE: Amber (0)
  • STRENGTH: Rank 1 (2)
  • ENDURANCE: Amber (0)
  • WARFARE: Rank 7 (62)


  • Goddess of Moonlight (20)
    • Supper Speed (Mach 4)
      • Flight (“retractable” wings)
    • Sacred Radiance
      • Under Lenneth’s influence, all moonlight in her vicinity becomes holy light, protecting her allies and innocents from dark magic and curses, and causing harm to all undead and unholy creatures as holy water does to vampires.
    • Moonlight Aura
      • At night or in the dark, Lenneth can emit an aura of moonlight that invigorates herself, allies, and innocents while harming all undead as sunlight hurts vampires. This effect is cumulative with Sacred Radiance.
    • Mistress of Moonlight (While Lenneth is bathed in moonlight)
      • Lenneth regenerates
      • Her Moonlight Aura provides her allies and innocents with regeneration as well, and the aura’s radius and its intensity verses undead are both doubled.
    • Her Father’s Eyes
      • Hod has lost his sight, but has gained wisdom and the greater vision it brings. Lenneth is impetuous and lacks her father’s wisdom, but loyally serves as his eyes even as he shares the benefits of his wisdom with her. As long as father and daughter remain true to each other, no affect can blind Lenneth.
    • Child of Her Mother’s Soul
      1. During the New Moon, Lenneth loses her Moonlight Aura and cannot use Sacred Radiance or Mistress of Moonlight. However, she draws strength from her mother Mana during her time of ascendancy, receiving a +1 Rank in Warfare.
      2. Clair De’Lune is a master of The Mob. During the Waning Gibbous Lenneth can summon her own Mob. She can spawn 4 named and numbered moonlight valkyries with 10 points each.
      3. Her mother Selene is consort to Corwin of Amber, a powerful Pattern wielder. Although they are not officially married, their souls are truly one in love. During Selene’s ascendance (The Waxing Gibbous Moon), her daughter Lenneth can channel the power of the Pattern through the Pattern inherent in both her own and her mother’s blood. During this time she is essentially a Pattern charged artifact. During this time she can manipulate probability in whatever shadow she is in as if she had walked the Pattern herself, intuitively locate shadow paths, and it is painful for the Logris and its wielders to touch her. She cannot use this to travel to other shadows absent using an established shadow path, nor can she bring The Pattern to mind.
      4. Sehanine is The First Quarter. During the height of her mother’s influence, Lenneth can manipulate gravity in a manner resembling telekinesis. She can lift up to 3 rougly person sized objects (300-400 Ibs), however, in order to move them she must “orbit” them around herself.
      5. Drathira is a Drow matriarch of great power and skill. During Drathira’s ascendance (The Waxing Crescent Moon) Lenneth can meld into moonlight as if it were shadow, becoming hidden to almost all forms of visible detection. When attempting to detect stealth or to be stealthy herself, she receives a bonus rank to the appropriate governing attribute.
      6. Elpheba is the Witch of the West in Oz. While Elpheba is ascendant (The Last Quarter Moon), Lenneth can channel primal bits of magic, which allows her to act as if she has the following Power Words: Life Force, Magic Negation, and Luminous.
      7. When her motherShion, the Waning Cresent, lights the sky Lenneth gains a measure of the persuasiveness and charm of her mother.
      8. Atalanta is a powerful follower of the way. While Atalanta is ascendant (The Full Moon) Lenneth can hear The Force whisper to her through her mother (she functions as a 5-point force wielder). During this time she is occasionally granted flashes of incite and chance may sometimes favor her a bit more than normal. The unwashed often put this down to mere luck.


  • Plate Armor (25)
    • Invulnerable (4)
    • Transferred Psychic Barrier (9)
    • Can be summoned (4)
    • Limited Shape Shift (4)
    • Rack & Use Spells (4)
  • Sword (10)
    • Deadly Damage (4)
    • Can be Summoned (4)
    • Named & Numbered Shape Shifting (2)
      • Bastard Sword
      • Halberd
      • Longbow (shoots arrows of light)
      • Punching Gauntlet
      • Gold Bracelet

Good Stuff: 7


Player Contribution Point Bonus
Game Log +10
Andyvers Family Tree +10

Base Points: 100

EXP Gained: 5

Total Available: 125


One of the first deities to be born in Valhalla after the devistation of Ragnarok, Lenneth is among the new generation of gods that may serve to revitalize the pantheon.

Daughter of Hod and Mana. She is devoutly loyal to her father, whom she holds in an almsot reverance. By contrast, she and her mother Mana are more like best freinds and are “drinking buddies.” They’ve even been known to “double date,” hanging out on the mortal realm and picking up a pair of guys to entertain them for the night.

She has something of a crush on Modi, god of the sky.

Lenneth has many half siblings through the various incarnations of Lara Ravanni, all of which she considers equally to be her brothers and sisters. However, she has become particularly close to several of her sisters who share her commitment to the integrity of Lara’s family and the realms that are theirs. Together, they are often referred to as The Celestial Sisters

Other Family

  • Half-Sister (maternal): Na’Sharra
  • Half-Sister (maternal): Fox
  • Half-Sister (maternal): Nephilim
  • Uncle (paternal): Baldur
  • Uncle (paternal): Vidar
  • Uncle (paternal): Vili-Pelor

Lenneth Hodschild

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