Jasper Roberts


Jasper Roberts

What “Pattern” means in this context:

Jasper can teleport to anyplace further than 7 miles away as long as he is walking or somehow moving forward.

Jasper can travel to any “spiritual” realm, regadless of distance or gatekeepers. (IE He can get to Valhalla without using the Rainbow bridge)

Jasper will always have exact change, appropriate license’s and papers, Badges giving him the right jurisdiction, Card keys etc.

Jasper can , With advanced notice, not be affected by any one person’s deific and magical powers. Even greater gods. (He WILL have a “fair” fight)This, of course, doesn’t work if he is surprised.


Jasper lives by the code of the West. “Protect the weak, Defend the land, Never spit in front of women or children.”

Jasper Roberts

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