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There are some of the Pantheons that have banded together after the destruction of most of the spiritual realms. The players can choose one to have come from. The GM will decide actual parentage. ( You can pick your friends, but not your relatives.)

Valhalla Home of what is left of the norse gods. Valhalla is probably the most traditional pantheon of the group.

The Mob Grown from the mythicalization of organized crime in the movies and fiction. Oddly both one of the youngest pantheons yet one with some of the longest history on mortal earth.

Wardens These are gods that are mainly worshiped in the mythical and spiritual realms bounding earth. They are responsible for both their specific purviews and the access to gates between the worlds. It was these gods that ended the spiritual wars.

The Drow Dark elves living both in their own mythical lands and under the cities of the unsuspecting mortal humans. Their triune of gods was hit just as hard by the devastating god wars as the “sunlit” gods. Now they will plot from within the council.

OZ Consisting of the Emerald Queen and the four witches of the cardinal directions and their minions. The worlds of Frank L. Baum made real.

Atlantis/Hawaii The island gods of the great sunken city now risen from under the sea and protected by The Myst. Having learned from the tragedies of the past now seek to heal all the realms of the damage the wars have caused.

The American Pantheon Founded by the collective hopes and dreams of the USA and those living within them. Both the rugged individualism of the west and the progressive capitalism of the industrial might of the cities are represented. Having suffered under horrible twisting of the american dream during the wars in the spiritual realm for 8 long years, the Pantheon now embraces the hope that they can once again be at the forefront of the repair and stewardship of earth and the bordering spiritual realms.

The Sisterhood Nun’s dedicated to the pursuit of prophecy. They train for years to serve as agents of fate. They are very much the “Bene Geseret” from “Dune”. They allied with the other pantheons but none of the other groups know what the Sisterhoods ultimate goals are. Driven by foreknowaldge of future events they can seem capricious. But everything they do is always thought out carefully.

Superheroes One of the results of Ragnarok was the poliferation of Archtypes in the Mortal realm of earth. When a god dies its purview cries out for something to fill it. If their are no mythical beings to step up the purview itself will create one. These are those loosely bound individuals that have taken these roles. Only now are they becomeing aware that there may be larger consequences to what they do.

The Celestial Sisters Not so much a pantheon as a literal sisterhood. The Celestial Sisters are a group of goddesses who share the various incarnations of Lara Ravanni as mother. Just as Lara has spread herself across the various pantheons of The Burl, the Sisters themselves are individually members of different pantheons. However, they are brought closer together by their blood ties than the looser alliance between the pantheons themselves. Together, they are dedicated to preserving the alliance of the Nine Pantheons of The Burl, which they view as maintaining the unity of their extended family, and the integrity of The Burl, the family household, against all threats. This being said, as an allied group of closely related deities a mythology has developed around them.

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