Elastrie/Qualnala's "Hidden cresent blade" And the Queen of the Moon


One of the “Council of the Moon” and part of the being that was Lara Ravanni

Currently lost in the nothingness that is the Obliette.


Has twin daughters Na’Sharra and La’Sharra who were taken from her at birth. Lara Ravanni cannot walk the pattern while split into her eight components, and they are past the point where they could recombine into the original without loosing far more than they have gained. While the Council of the Moon is powerful, they cannot access the power of the Pattern sealed within their blood. But their children can. In a deal engineared by the Triune of Loth, Drathira took a male from the line of a royal family of Drow living beneath The Vale and produced two daughters with the potential to one day walk the pattern. One daughter was to go to the royal family to serve Loth and her Triune, and one to Drathira to serve The Moon Council. But one (or perhaps more?) of the Triune went back on the deal, and seized the children for their own. Drathira was lead to believe that both her children perished in the intrigue that followed.

Recently, Drathira discovered her daughters yet live when Na’Sharra contacted her. Raised as orphans by the preistesses of the Triune under the names of Arash Na’Astrie and Coreiena Na’Astrie, the two have been caught in a power strugle between Loth and Princess Benevida of the Valite Royals and desperately need their mother’s help.


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