• PSYCHE: 5 (32)
  • STRENGTH: Amber
  • ENDURANCE: 1 (2)
  • WARFARE: Amber
  • Goddess of Dreams, The Dreaming, and The Night Sky (60)
    • Control over The Dreaming & Dreams
    • Make Dreams Real
      • Sorcery
      • Conjuration
    • Dream Avatars
      • Shape Shifting
        • Deadly Damage
        • Invulnerable
        • Others
    • Read Dream History
    • Enter/Exit The Dreaming at will
    • Perfect Navigation within The Dreaming or the dreams of others.
  • None
  • Amber Devotee (6)

Point Total: 100


The daughter of Elpheba of OZ, and the youngest of The Celestial Sisters. Nephilim has a direct connection to The Dreaming, which is a realm composed up of all the dreams of the multivers, and therefore connects to virtually every place and everything. Nephilim has the power to pull dream substance into reality and to temporarily or permanently convert it into real matter or energy, thus making dreams into reality. She can create dream avatars that share her consciousness in whatever form she chooses, and use her ability to make them real to send herself virtually anywhere, any time. By reading a person’s dream history, she can immediately discern their deepest desires and their darkest fear. She has learned quite a bit about magic and sorcery from her mother Elpheba. However, unlike normal sorcerers she hasn’t bothered learning to use linchpins in her casting, rather she uses her dream-to-reality abilities to simply dream-up, and then manifest her magic.


The Order of the Silver Key Genesplicer