The Celestial Sisters

Na’Sharra – Eldest, Daughter of Drathira. The Darkness between The Stars and around The Moon. She who conceals that which must be hidden. She who denies concealment to the unworthy. Goddess of the Darkness, Medical Science, Women, Hiding and Revealing, Art (specifically sculpture), and, oddly enough, Farming. Na’Sharra is a powerful sorceress and conjurer. She is also said to have a great understanding of the processes of life itself (genetics for those from high tech societies), and to possess some sort of power over the fabric of reality itself. Na’Sharra actually dwells in a hidden realm outside The Burl, and has little to do with its day-to-day affairs. However, she is quick to respond to any call for aid from her mother or sisters. Overlooked as she often is by the greater powers outside The Burl, she is often able to note and provide advanced warning of external issues that may presage problems for The Burl itself.

Fox – Elder, who claims both Shion of Atlantis and Sehanine of The Wardens as her mothers. The Stars. She who guides those to where they need to be. She who sees that which must be seen. Mistress of The Myst and Star Singer. She who sees with many eyes into all corners of the cosmos. Goddess of The Stars (including suns) and of Navigation. A powerful master of The Tao, who is said to be able to speak with the stars as if they were living beings. She is a powerful empath, and has a reputation for knowing things about people and their secrets that should be known to no one. It is said that even her sister Na’Sharra can’t conceal things from her when she wishes to see them. She resides as a goddess in Atlantis with her mother Shion, where she is reputed to have a strange and powerful relationship with The Myst that surrounds the island home of her Pantheon. Fox is the Celestial most dedicated to preserving the integrity of The Burl’s many boundaries, and as a result claims membership with her mother Sehanine in The Wardens as well. She is the most likely Celestial to be sent as representative outside of The Burl itself by her sisters or by the Council of the Moon. A duty which she detests, as it takes her away from her beloved homeland, but also one she regards as absolutely necessary to its safety. Fox is also particularly close to Lara’s other aspects of Clair De’Lune of The Mob, who guided her in her mortal life, and Atalanta of Arbor, who was her first real guide in the mysteries of the Tao. Kasimira is Fox’s great-great-grandmother, and a fellow guardian of The Burl whose call she will answer without hesitation. Sehanine is her “biological mother,” and her “father” is Jay Walker.

Lenneth – Younger, Daughter of Mana of Valhalla. Goddess of The Moonlight, Valkress of Valhalla, Servant of Baldar.

Nephilim – Youngest, Daughter of Elpheba of OZ. Goddess of Dreams & The Dreaming, and of The Beauty, Wonder and Mystery evoked by the Night Sky (aka her mother and her sisters).

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The Celestial Sisters

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