Having triumphantly returned from death. Baldur now rules the gods in his father’s stead. He is served by Mana , his first and most powerful Valkirie, and those Valkirie’s she has chosen for him from women who have died heroically on earth and in the mythic realms.

His Brother Hod, the blind sits at his side. Hod’s wisdom was hard learned but now he uses it to aid his brother detecting lies that are uttered in Vahalla.

Baldur’s youngest brothe Vili-Pelor has taken over Baldur’s old duties as the god of the sun and summer. Simple yet good at heart. He is guided by his wife Amnis , the river goddess of the Atlantian pantheon. Her homespun wisdom tempers Vili’s more impulsive ways.

Baldur’s other brother Vidar, god of vengence and justice has become the pantheon’s greatest warrior and has taken the place of Odin as god of warfare.

Thor’s sons Magnar and Modi both have access to Thor’s hammer and jointly rule as the gods of storm and sky.

Odin’s old brother Noord returned to the sea he loves after the war and resides there still under the waves.


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